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Jamie Steffen


Jamie Steffen is the founder and owner of Fuzion Athletics, Inc. He is the definition of a true pole vault and Track and Field junky. As an active member of the pole vault community on a local and national level he strives to make Kentucky the strongest and safest state in which to vault and help the USA become the most dominant force in pole vaulting overall. Steffen is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to create funding and vaulting opportunities for high school, college, masters, and elite athletes, and his coaching list of youth, high school, college, elite and club alumni success is awe-inspiring.


Coaching Stats: (Pole Vault Only) Kentucky 2014 and 2015 ( 2 Season)

2 All Time State Record
5 Class Records 
7 State Champions 
8 State Runner Ups 
41 State Medals 
82 State Qualifiers
24 Collegiate Bound Athletes
   (this does not inculed middle school)



Steffen’s background is different than most successful track coaches. As a 3 sport high school athlete from a small school, Jamie was a standout wrestler who chose to wrestle in college. During his college years, he learned the potential that a life filled with hard work, determination, and clean living can unlock. As an All American he takes the same approach to coaching in track and field. In addition to wrestling, Jamie followed his true passion and coached pole vault at a local high school. As a first year coach he found a way to send a girl pole vaulter to the first girls state track and field meet. This is just the start of his young 20 years of experience in track and field. He has traveled near and far, studying under some of greatest coaches and athletes and attending classes and clinics to develop his own undoubtedly flourishing philosophies which have proven to produce successful athletes and programs in the states.


What makes Steffen different than other coaches is that he is willing to keep learning and keep changing his coaching in order to keep up with the latest and most successful teaching models in the world. He loves to coach and teach, and will do anything to make each athlete better and break their goals regardless if there are small or large. Each athlete will set goals that they can break under his coaching. Jamie continue to compete at a high level, he is a 3 time USA silver medalist and has been selected and will be competed in the Worlds Masters Athletics Outdoor Championships in Brazil in 2013 and representing and wearing a USA uniform at the game and placed 4th. Steffen competes in about 30 meets a year and love to instill the fun of pole vaulting by creating a “Travel Team” and takes the kids all over the county during the summer time. He always says this is where you get better! 


Before Kentucky, when he was in Minnesota; Steffen hosts and funds the Largest Indoor Professional Pole vault exclusive event in the Midwest, boasting a start list of World Class athletes and Olympians. In 2008 The Star Tribune (state paper) recognized Jamie as being \"The strongest advocate for pole vaulting in the state” and is now recognized national and internationally for the same feat. His unique indoor training facility and knowledge of the event draws the interest of Elite Athletes from all over the country. In 2011 the St Paul Pioneer Press picked Steffen to teach the state in a article called Learn a Sport Edition “Pole Vault”. His H.S. athletes were highlighted in a 3 page spread and an online video on the pole vault learning process. In addition to all of these accomplishments, he produced countless State champions and All American at the High School level. 


Jamie is one of few full time working pole vault coaches is the country.  Jamie coached countless state true team state championships, MSHSL Team State championship and sent boys and girls to the state meet every year with all athletes placing. In 2010 and 2011 he was the only coach every to send 3 girls to state meet. This was the first time any coach in Minnesota has sent 3 females to the state meet from the same school with all jumping over the state standard and this happen back to back years with different athletes.  2008-2011 Jamie has placed a girl every year in the MIAC college conference meet also, along with sending valuters to NCAA meet at all levels. He has worked and trainined with some of the best coaches in the United States! His mentors are some of the most recognized and awarded coaches in the history of athletics in the country, and their coaching styles flourish through him.


Steffen has played and plays a role in the development of each pole vaulters at every camp Fuzion athletics has offered and will offer. He prepares athletes for a wide goals ranging from getting a position on their h.s. team, winning a state championship to setting all time state reocrd in many states, and qualifying angain countles athletes to national meets. Time after time Coach Steffen provides priceless opportunities for athletes willing to work and devote themselves to a passion for pole vaulting. He as played a roll in every successful vaulters in the passed 8 years in Minnesota, no one else say that as a coach. Since coaching Jamie has had girls as high as 14’9” and guys jump over 18’. If your athlete is a 3’ newby or 18’ plus stud, Jamie will truly treat them with endless patients and believes in them even when they lose faith in themselves. In his eyes, any athlete can be a diamond in the rough. He treats everyone like family, and this attitude has become definitive of Fuzion Athletics and all of the programs it provides. 

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Jim Moeller
VP and CIO of Fuzion Athletics, Inc.
President of Fuzion Athletics Minnesota

Email:  Jim at fuzionathletics dot com

             fuzionathleticsmn at gmail dot com


Jim Moeller is a long-time participant and Master's vaulter in the Fuzion Athletics Club with a post-40-year-old PR of 13'0" (February 2011, a USATF 45-49 age-group State record). He's a USA Track and Field Association (USATF) Level 1 certified coach and USATF listed coach (i.e. completed and passed background checks. See for more information and specifically for the listing of Minnesota coaches), and is responsible for all Fuzion Athletics activities in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Jim works hard to provide vaulting facilities (indoors in winter and outdoors in summer) as well expert training and coaching that maximize the opportunities for Minnesota vaulters to achieve their highest potential. In addition, he strives to provide a fun and enjoyable environment for every vault session that accommodates vaulters across the spectrum from beginner to advanced.

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Dr. David Lindenberg, MD

Fuzion Athletics Pole Vault Coach

David grew up in Stockton, CA and attended UC Davis--a college with a competitive pole vault program. He tried out as a “walk on,” and although it took him three years to make the team, his persistence and passion for the sport earned him a spot on the roster his senior year. With eligibility remaining he competed for San Francisco State University during graduate school and became a DII Academic All-American, with a collegiate best of 15’9. At age 28, David improved his PR to 16’4, as a member of the Drake Pole Dogs vault club, while he was an osteopathic medical student in Des Moines, IA. He has coached all levels of vaulters from high school beginners to collegiate athletes. David is the five-time USATF Masters National Champion (age 30-34). He moved to Minneapolis with his fiancé, Evie, in 2011 for medical residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. At Fuzion, David continues to vault and he enjoys assisting Coach Steffen in helping motivated athletes reach new heights.

alextapplin150x200Dr. Alex Tapplin, DC, CSCS, CCSP

Valley Spine & Sport, LLC
1901 East Capitol Drive,
Suite A Appleton, WI 54911
(920) 585-6849
Email: alex at fuzionathletics dot com


Dr. Tapplin is a Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Additionally, he is a former All-American NCAA DIII pole vaulter and a member of multiple National Championship team titles. His background in track and field, strength and conditioning, sports medicine and chiropractic gives him a unique perspective when treating and coaching athletes. He previously coached for, and competed as, a post-collegiate athlete for Fuzion Athletics. He owns and operates a private practice in Wisconsin. If you are a member of Fuzion Athletics, feel free to email Dr. Tapplin for a consultation regarding injury management, local referral or strength and conditioning considerations.