updated 10-1-16 

NEW SIGN UP PROCESS for Practice/Camps
It's here, the anticipated “App” and online sign-up for daily, weekly and monthly pole vault training.  You can NOW sign-up online and/or download the "App”.  It is available for I-Phone or Android smart phones.  This state of the art system will allow you to sign up for training or book private sessions.  Training will never be overbooked because once they are full; you will not be able to sign-up.  With this new system, it will be necessary for you to sign-up for training to guarantee your spot. This new system will also allow you to pay online or pay at practice on via your computer will you be able to pay.   It has never been easier!   So please take time today and create your account and sign-up for training. 
-First Step:
On the Computer / Web:  
Save this Link for direct access:
Or you can also go to Mindbodyonline.com and search “Fuzion Athletics or our zip code 40065”
-Second Step:
On your Smart Phone (I-Phone or Android):
Download: "Mindbody Connect” this is the "App"
Once you have that app on your phone search “Fuzion Athletics or our zip code 40065” (you will see our logo) within the app. Then save it to your favorites in that app. That way every time you open the app it goes right into your account and it will save your login and password. Note: you will not be able to pay via phone app yet.  
Third Step:
-Sign in with the password and login you created online 
Go to “My info" button
-resend activation email
This will:
-sync both account to mobile phone with user name and password
Notes on the system
-If you have problems please let us know.  We can help.
-Make sure you sign up for the time you wish to practice every month (if no one is signed up practices will be cancelled).
-Walk-ins will be welcome if a spot is available.  If not we will ask you to wait for open spot.
-All training is a month to month program.   Beginning on the first day of the month and ending on the last day of the month.  (ex: 1 – 31)  You will not be able to carry over missed practices.  
-Make sure to check-in. 
-Keep information up to date.
-Waivers are uploaded into the system, and we will be prompted if not up to date inout system and we may have you fill them out on our mobile pad 
-Emergency contact information must be up to date.  
-You can pay online or at the door (whichever works for you)
-Cancellations or Changes – contact us up to 2 hours before and we will not charge your account. (“the system know all” we can see if you logged in or not”)
-As of now we don't have recurring payment turned on the system.   This is as day to day/month to month set up.  We will let you know if this changes. Sorry if this is a innocence, but we need to learn the system better. 
This is a new system for us at Fuzion Athletics and we are still learning everything. Please be patient and work with us so we can make your signing up and training a little better. 
We will be adding Fuzion gear a little at a time! 



We're offering a wide variety of training programs to suite the needs of every vaulter from beginner to advanced and every age group from youth to masters.  We can help you set goals and develop a professional training program designed to accomplish those goals.  If you're a high school vaulter looking to compete in college, we can help with performance testing and the entire recruiting process to find the best post-secondary opportunities. For more information check out the links to the PDF documents below, or feel free to email or call us.

Both Facility, Same location: 

Address: 1122 OakHill Drive, Lexington KY


Other Packages and Servies: 

Pictures of the new indoor facilities: Coming soon


New Pricing (Monthy Program)

We are adjusting our programs a little.  We will have three practice programs and a weight program for you to choose from. We will also offer a monthly training cycle.  

        Practice Program Options
        1.  Pay as you go: $45 each visit (2 hours) no contract
        2.  6 visits per month: $230 no contract
        3.  Unlimited access: $350 (weight program included) No contract
        4.  Unlimited access full year (billed monthy) $225 CONTRACT
        5.  Coaching at a meet $50

        6.  Priviate One on One coaching $75 (1.5 hour) $25 each kids after (anytime)

        Weight Program Option  
        Weight Pole Vault Program: Cycle based on season ($75) 
What do I get with unlimited access? It's pretty simple you get access to our coaching staff all and everything you need to training in the fall and winter. You get a full training program that is design for you to excel, you can lift/run with us or on your own but all jumping session and running our coached by us.
You will also get discounted rates on overnight camps when the indoor facility is done, we plan on having many weekend camps this year. 
Fuzion Responsiblities:
  • Poles included, please don't bring any--we have everything
  • Planned practices based on athlete (we know what we are doing)
  • Outdoor High-bar and Rings
  • World class indoor set ups Pole Vault 
  • Olympic PV 
  • All athletes will receive a t-shirt (per season)
  • 1:10 Ratio
  • 2 hour practice 

Athletes Responsiblities:

  • Bring running shoes
  • Bring spikes
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early
  • Follow all coaching instructions
Rain Days- Communication and Make-ups
  • Always text before making the trip for outdoor practices (612-987-61 four seven) 
  • We do our best to make up as we can (let us know)


This Fall, we will run all training outside until the building is complete.   We have the best outdoor set-up in the state and some people even say the country!  Soon we will have the best indoor set-up too.  Fuzion has everything you need to get better and achieve your goals.  

 Indoor Schedule (most of year)







(This Schedule about the same year round. We just add some more times)
If you dont see a program that fits your needs let us know and we can work it out, we have athletes coming and going all hours of the day

Fuzion Athleticd is a power house for pole vault in the State of Kentucky, as well as one of the most respected pole vault clubs in the country.  The results of our member don't lie:

        1 All Time State Record
        2 Class Records 
        3 State Champions 
        4 State Runner Ups 
        25 State Medals 
        40 State Qualifiers
        16 Collegiate Bound Athletes

All of this in just last season- 2013/2014 HS season in the state of Kentucky.  WOW!

Don't forget...the first practice is free, so bring your friends and teammates. Its Free so come meet us so you know we are the right club for you!