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We offer fully-custom pole vault, Javilin bags, and Rockback bags for athletes who want to express their true individuality.  We are the ORIGINAL custom pole bag company, many have copied us but none of them can offer what we can, they will add dumb handles, and have gimmicks to draw you in but adding haddles other use tinner vinyl then us. Dont be fooled! Trusted us, we stand behind our bags and they will last years. We have bag that are still being used over 10 years. We have a wide-variety of vinyl colors and can make pretty much any design you can imagine, with reinforced end caps made of strong webbing that is heavy duty. We added stainless steel D rings and carbainers on the bags so you can lock them up and never lose a cap on the freeway. 

See the picture below and email us with what you want and we'll follow-up with a quote.


(Text us at 612-987-six1four7)

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Pricing Chart for Custom Bags:

$200 Starting price for a Custom 8" Tubed Pole Vault Bags

$120 Starting price for Tubed Javilin Bags

$300 Starting price for the ROCKBAG Vaulting Bags


Add ons:

$25.00 Name/ School per side (Heat Screened one color) MOST POPULAR AND STRONGEST LASTING) Text is about 40"-46" long (most ppl put school or presonal name on both sides) 

$50.00 per Muiti Color Panel (4' long each panel) (Digital Printed) Sky is the limit in design

$25.00 extra panel or a clear sleeve protector for digital print. (no need to cover one color screen) 

$25.00 extra Caps or reorder with clips

(Quoted) Stripes, Pattens, Flags, Quotes or other sewn on parts are quoted as per order

(Quoted) Full Digital Printed bage (avg bag is about $350) 

want a team bag (10" or 12") we can make then, they dont cost much more but they are heavy)

(avg cost of a FREAKING KILLER pole valut bag is $250 plus shipping $20)

*Rockback bags are sleeved bags and is a soft style bag



$650  3 bags any size and colors, name on both sides with our heat sealed screened printing process, any colors)

$250 BAG OF THE WEEK ASK US WHAT WE HAVE AROUND (we design a bag and put it up on instrgam so you dont have to come up with a idea) 

We make it our goal never to make a bag the same, we try very hard to promote your program and bags so you will standout at the meet and not look like others

*shipping is always charges $20-50 depending on the size of the order via UPS

*If you host a street vault let us know we might be able to hook you up with a promo bag for raffle for trade of marketing trade



Our bags have been used at the Olympic game and Dimond League this year and by Elite Vaulters.  We love when we see the bags at the RENO Pole Vault Summit, State meets, New Balance Nations and other great meets all over the world. 



Fuzion bags are truly "pole vaulter's" pole bags in that they are designed and custom manufactured in the United States by pole vaulters who know pole bags. We know what it's like to carry poles around to different track meets. We know that vaulters sometime drag the pole bag ends on the ground. We know what it's like to cart poles through an airport, on buses, and strap them on the roof of automobiles. So we designed this bag to be the best. We've reinforced the ends and used the strongest vinyl available. As a result, we also stand behind our product and warranty the manufacturing of the pole bag for year under normal wear and tear. For our fully-custom pole bags, if it comes apart during the first 6 months we'll repair it free of charge (you'll need to pay shipping charges to ship the defective bag back to us). All our pole bags come in any custom length. The bags are approximately 8" in diameter, large enough to fit around a 6" dual-walled corrugated tube. Our bags are made out of 18oz knife coated cut vinyl. Each end of the bag has reinforced end-caps made with the strongest weave webbing available, which makes our end-caps stronger than other company's bags. The open-end of the bag has three steel D-rings that you can use to close the opening with a tie-rope and secure you're poles in the bag. 


SEE INSTAGRAM FOR MORE BAGS: Most up to date Pictures of the bags in the field



   FAbagsemicustom1   FAbagsemicustom7


FAbagsemicustom8 FAbagsemicustom1 5


FAbagstandard1  FAbagstandard3


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